Does Your Current or Past Employer Qualify You for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?


How to verify your employers’ eligibility:

Watch the video or read below for step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to the federal government’s PSLF Help Tool at

Log In using your If you have an FSA ID: Log In. The first step of the tool is the employer verification.

If you do not have an FSA ID: Either create one here, or use the newly launched “Employer Search Tool” that does not require login using an FA ID.

2. Search for your employers.

The PSLF Help Tool lets you search and add multiple employers. You should check the eligibility of any employer you have had since October of 2007, as you can receive credit toward PSLF for any qualifying employment since that date.

Click “Add Employer” and then enter your employer’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) and your dates of employment.

TIP: You can find your employer’s EIN on your W-2, by asking your Human Resources department, or by searching online. All employers, including the government, should have an EIN number.

Select your employer from the list generated from your search. The results will indicate whether the employer is eligible or ineligible.

Employers who have been previously verified will be listed as eligible. Employers that have previously been determined to be ineligible will be listed as ineligible. If your employer does not show up in the search result, they may still be eligible. If your employer does not show up but you believe your employer qualifies you should proceed with the PSLF process.

Be sure to repeat this process for any employer you have had since October 2007.