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An estimated 9+ million public service workers nationwide have federal student loan debt that could eventually be completely cancelled through the PSLF program—but too few workers (and employers) know about this opportunity. You can help us change that.

Campaign Blueprint

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Employer Toolkit

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Time is Running Out!

The federal government recently announced a special waiver of certain PSLF requirements and barriers—such as allowing past late or partial payments to count towards program credit—through October 31, 2022.

↳And it is working. Through the PSLF Waiver, over 140,000 have more public service workers have had their student debt cancelled! However, the PSLF Waiver is not automatic.

Borrowers must complete and submit the PSLF Application Form by October 31st. Don’t forget!

Time left before the PSLF waiver ends:


See PSLF Waiver details here.